OMS+ Portal

In today’s fast-paced, competitive environment, we know that time is of the essence when it comes to meeting customer expectations. That’s why we have developed our OMS+ Portal, a self service feature that empowers your customers to take control of order-related tasks. Designed with the same user-friendly, seamless experience as our award-winning OMS+ platform, the OMS+ Portal reduces your reliance on customer service teams and allows your company to operate more efficiently and productively. Contact us to learn more about how OMS+ Portal can transform your customer service operations and enhance your bottom line.

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Create Orders

Initiate new orders effortlessly directly in the portal. Enjoy all of the robust order management capabilities OMS+ provides directly within this secure portal such as:

  • Select items for purchase
  • Adjust quantities
  • Change purchase order numbers
  • Add/change shipping methods
  • Change payment methods

Visibility to Key Customer Information

Access order histories with ease and enjoy a complete view of past transactions, most requested items, recent orders and more. Allow customers to access vital information such as contact details and preferences. This allows them to personalize their view based on their role and streamline communication.

Check Delivery Dates and Status

Allow customers to see the real-time status of their shipments, easing the call volume load on your customer service team. The portal will let them know when to expect their goods and shipments, giving them the information needed for optimal planning and inventory management.

File Upload Capabilities

Allow customers to securely submit Excel files to create orders from spreadsheets. Easily access and view order-related documents for comprehensive order information.

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