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OMS+ia Sales Automation

DataXstream is transforming the way Distributors process business critical transaction documents with OMS+ia.

Our IA (Intelligent Automation) technology is available on the SAP Store. OMS+ia utilizes the data orchestration layer of SAP’s Business Technology Platform to help customers sell better and is specifically designed for counter, mobile and sales associate or customer service representative driven transactions. The advantageous data orchestration capabilities of SAP Data Intelligence allow for the our AI models to extract insights directly from live SAP data.

Empower your employees with DataXstream’s OMS+ia to take your customer buying experience to new levels.

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How it Works


Extract text, tables, and forms with state of the art text extraction and Optical Character Recognition.


Translate acronyms, abbreviations, and other form data into a uniformed language.


Calculate similarity and importance to identify material, customer, and inventory data.


Process orders, quotes, and other documents automatically with live ERP data.

Why DataXstream?

Award-winning partner with deep experience in SAP technology, enabling customers to be successful with their solution investments.

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See how we leveraging SAP BTP to deliver agility, innovation, and customer value.

Business Technology Platform

Customer Satisfaction

OMS+ia uses your ERP data to find material, customer, inventory, and other supply chain data to automatically generate orders, quotes, reports, and other documents. Show your customers you care with fast and accurate services. Give your sales team the tools they need to put the customer first and let OMS+ia handle the rest.

Simplify Order Fulfillment

Your Customer Service Representatives work hard to fulfill customers’ orders quickly and provide excellent customer service. With Intelligent Automation, your sales team uses artificial intelligence to automate mundane and error prone data entry tasks to increase turn around, customer satisfaction, and revenue.

Minimize Training

OMS+ia’s ease of use makes the power of artificial intelligence available to everyone. From the expert to the new hire, our intuitive interface makes it quick and simple to process documents. And, as you work, OMS+ia will pay attention to user behavior and customer requests to identify patterns and further improve accuracy.

Digital Transformation with Artificially Intelligent Automation

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