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Eliminate Data Synchronization

Real Time SAP Data

Whether your ERP Is S4HANA or ECC, running on premise or in the cloud, OMS+ seamlessly connects and runs live with your existing SAP data.  That’s right, with OMS+ you execute all your transactions in real time in one database with no data synchronization required.  Read on to learn more about Order Management with no interfaces, no reconciling, and one source of the truth.  If you currently operate in store dedicated POS systems, this cost-saving feature alone has the potential to finance an entire OMS+ implementation.

Eliminate Unnecessary Interfaces

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No Interfaces

Think about the interfaces required to maintain a separate order management or point-of-sale system.  Let me simply list the major ones here:

  • Product Data – constant updates with new products and removals of obsoletes
  • Sales Data – Daily transaction records for sales
  • Inventory Data – daily reconciling of inventory levels
  • Pricing and Promotions Data – pricing is never constant
  • Store Replenishment – Inbound receipts

Often these systems are at the store level which just multiplies the number of interfaces and overall complexity.

Eliminate Reconciliation

No Reconciling

In addition to costs associated with developing and maintaining interfaces, don’t forget the hidden costs associated with reconciling them.  The daily grind of reconciling inventory discrepancies alone is a major pain.  With OMS+ as your Order Management Solution, your reconciling days are over.

One Source of Data

One Source of Truth

One source of truth is a reality with OMS+.  Imagine the synergies and cost-savings associated with all of your sites running on the same source of information and running in real-time.  Furthermore, the benefits move beyond just cost-savings.  Think about the ability to look across your network at real time inventory and availability on one screen.

Sell Better

Data Synchronization Delivered

With OMS+ and SAP as your Order Management Solution, costs are driven down; accuracy and capability are driven up.  Today’s digital economy moves faster than ever.  You need to operate from a single source of truth.  You need OMS+.  Sell better with OMS+

Eliminate Data Synchronization With OMS+

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