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Sales – It is the lifeblood of every business.  If you want to sell more and win in today’s marketplace, you have to sell better.  It’s time for you to experience order management done right.  Excite your employees and your customers with the most advanced order management solution available for SAP.  Learn how OMS+ with its preconfigured processes, advanced scenarios and ease of implementation can take your Order Management to the next level.  Jump start your team with OMS+ today.

Seamless End to End Processes

Pre-Configured Processes

OMS+ installs with pre-configured basic and complex end-to-end order processes that allow your sales associates to quickly adopt OMS+ and immediately increase the value of your SAP investment.  In addition to pre-configured processes, OMS+ seamlessly maps to your existing proven processes to eliminate rework, reduce training, and increase adoption rates.

Capable of Complex Scenarios

Advanced Scenarios

The deep integration of OMS+ allows for flawless execution of complex scenarios such as endless aisle, cross-plant sourcing, multi-tender scenarios and more.  The data presentation and manipulation capabilities of OMS+ far surpass what you can currently accomplish with SAP’s native GUI as your user interface.  OMS+ unlocks the hidden capabilities of what you can accomplish with SAP ECC or S4HANA.

Eliminate Business Disruption

Ease of Implementation

Whether your ERP Is S4HANA or ECC, running on premise or in the cloud, OMS+ seamlessly connects and runs live with your existing SAP data.  That’s right, with OMS+ you execute all your transactions in real time in one database with no data synchronization required.  You can literally install OMS+ on a Monday and be transacting against your own data by Friday.  Sure, depending on the size and complexity of your organization it can take a few months to dial everything in exactly how you want it.  The point is, OMS+ installs without impacting what you have in place today.  If you run ECC today and have plans to move to S4HANA, OMS+ can actually smooth your transition and eliminate business disruption for your Order Management team.

Sell Better

Start Today

Don’t let another day go by without taking the next step towards improving your Order Management.  You customers will love you for it; your sales force will love you for it; your C-Suite and stakeholders will thank you for it.  Put OMS+ to work for you.  Implement OMS+ today and sell better tomorrow.  You deserve it.

Jump Start Your Business With OMS+

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