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Map Existing SAP SD Order Processes

OMS+ meets you where you are on your digital journey.  With OMS+, you easily map your existing SAP SD order processes directly into a new modern order management platform.  The smart integration of OMS+ delivers a smooth transition with no conversion requirements or business interruption.

Integrates into Existing SAP Solution

Smooth Transition

From a systems perspective, transitioning your sales force and customer service teams to OMS+ will be the smoothest transition you have ever undergone.  Not discounting the ease of use of OMS+, but the more powerful reason for this fact is the way that OMS+ integrates with your existing SAP solution.  You do not start from scratch with OMS+.  Working with your existing SAP configuration, OMS+ utilizes a proprietary interpreter to reverse engineer your existing SAP SD order processes and map them directly into OMS+ user interface.  Order processes you use today can be used directly in OMS+ tomorrow.  Your existing processes still serve as the backbone, but their usability and capabilities are greatly enhanced with OMS+.

At DataXstream we understand the industry migration to S4HANA.  That is why OMS+ is designed from the ground up to deploy directly into an ECC or S4HANA environment.  OMS+ actually enables a smooth transition to S4HANA by ensuring no disruption to your order management platform.

Works Inside your SAP Environment

No Conversions

Furthermore, because OMS+ works with your existing data, there is no data preparation or conversion required to use OMS+.  OMS+ runs in your current SAP with your current data as is.  And this is true for all your data – master data, configuration data, and transaction data.

Implement in Parallel

No Business Interruption

There truly is no business interruption associated with the deployment of OMS+.  In fact, OMS+ can run in parallel with your existing SAPGUI transactions.  From an implementation perspective, this makes it extremely easy to roll out OMS+ in waves across your organization.  We find that most customers start with a rollout plan and then accelerate it due to the success and popularity of OMS+ with the end-users.

Win in the Marketplace


OMS+ exists to enhance and expand and your Order Management platform without suffering the pain of an implementation “Do-Over”.  Whether you run SAP ECC, S4HANA, or have plans to transition to S4HANA in the near future, OMS+ is the Order Management platform you need to minimize internal disruption and win in the marketplace. Maximize your current investment and empower your sales and customer service teams with the superior performance of OMS+.  Sell better with OMS+.

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