Who Should Consider OMS+?

Any SAP ECC or S/4HANA customer selling using the Sales and Distribution Module

Why OMS+

OMS+ is the only order management product on the market that directly overlays your SAP ECC or S/4 system.

It gives you the ability to leverage the power and flexibility of SAP’s sales and distribution modules, with the ease of use of a traditional online store interface.  OMS+ gives your organization a significant competitive advantage, enabling complex SAP orders processes with minimal end-user training.  It allows for real-time interaction with the supply chain and significantly reduced system support cost.  When paired with SAP’s S/4 HANA, OMS+ provides further insight into individual stores and products in real-time. No other order management product on the market can achieve this level of visibility at scale. OMS+ also gives your organization the tools it needs to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction through streamlined design and ongoing configuration controls, which allow you to adjust to changing needs.

OMS+ Capabilities

OMS+ can overlay any existing SAP SD sale order process and simplify system interaction for end-users.

OMS+ allows your organization to implement complex order processes in a simple and easy-to-learn interface that deploys directly to SAP, thus eliminating the need for integration between the point of sale / order management system and eliminating common data synchronization issues with the backend ERP system. It supports advanced tendering functions such as split-tender and refunds as well as provides the ability for custom configuration of tendering controls.  OMS+ provides advanced delivery functions that allow for partial payments, partial deliveries, split deliveries, split lines, and direct to customer deliveries, all from a simple and intuitive user interface.

The advanced user interface of OMS+ streamlines the sales associate’s interaction with the system, thus allowing them to focus on selling products and services rather than navigating a complicated and disjointed process.  The advanced hardware integration of OMS+ gives your organization the flexibility to implement customer interaction and payment processing functions that leverage the latest payment technologies and PCI protection on the market.  OMS+ is streamlined to run on traditional terminals, tablets and smart phones in order to provide your organization with the flexibility to deploy the interface on the platform that makes the most sense for your business.

DataXstream OMS+ Design Philosophy

Over the last 20 years DataXstream has been developing custom solutions and commercially available products specifically for SAP customers.  The latest in this series, DataXstream’s OMS+ is designed to be highly configurable and customizable to each customer’s specific needs.  We understand that customers demand rich out-of the-box functionality from the software solutions they purchase.  We also understand that our customers need to be able to tailor the solution to their own specific business needs.  This type of customization is critical for businesses to create differentiators within the market and to streamline sales and business processes.  We expect our customers to add their own unique requirements to our OMS+ solution, which is why we chose to leverage SAP’s enhancement framework that provides the most flexible enhancement capabilities on the market.

Whether you are searching for a robust out-of-the-box order processing solution, or you have a unique product or delivery scenario that requires complex processing, DataXstream’s OMS+ can meet your business needs.  Let our product help your organization focus on the processes and capabilities that make you unique and leverage your existing SAP system to support your individual delivery capabilities, processes, and partner requirements in a sustainable and easily configurable way.

Let DataXstream show you how OMS+ can transform your customer sales order experience and drive sale to new levels not possible with traditional POS’s available on the market today.

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