Exceed Customer Expectations and Create Great Sales Outcomes

OMS+ order processing and fulfillment is built on the foundation of the best ERP system: SAP. OMS+ can be delivered with pre-configured order types that will meet even the most challenging order processing requirements. You already have an existing set of order processes? No problem. Using our proprietary Interpreter tool, OMS+ can be configured to overlay your existing processes. With an industry leading set of tools designed to make order fulfillment simple for the end user, OMS+ allows you to conduct highly complex order scenarios without any SAP training.

OMS+ Product Features

OMS+ Makes Payment Processing Simple

OMS+ is built around the idea that every business has different needs when it comes to the collection of payment. OMS+ can easily adapt to your specific business requirements. It has been designed with clip-in points to simplify integration with your card processor while keeping your SAP installation outside of complicated PCI requirements. OMS+ seamlessly tracks payments, refunds, and returns so you always know the correct order balance.

OMS+ Payment Features

Understand Your Customer and Anticipate Their Needs

OMS+ has all the tools you need to really get to know your customers. The OMS+ Customer Dashboard allows for easy access to customer documents, notes, open liabilities, material purchasing information, and live customer transactional data.

OMS+ Customer Insights

Let OMS+ work for you.

Because OMS+ sits inside of SAP and transacts in real time using live SAP data, you will always have the most up-to-date order and material availability information. OMS+ leverages that information to give you the analytics you need. Define your own sales goals and track against them. See daily order volumes and recognize who your best customers are.

OMS+ Sales Analytics

OMS+ has the Tools You Need to Operationalize Sales

OMS+ features a robust set of store management features ready to use out-of-the-box. With built-in tools to manage your cash drawer opening and closing procedures, and a tender report that is designed with your needs in mind. OMS+ can also meet your complicated lane and hardware assignment needs and features an intuitive terminal management interface allowing you to assign users in a way that makes sense to your business needs. We are here to meet your order processing requirements in SAP.

OMS+ Sales Operations

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