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There is nothing simple about making complex Order Management easy, but that is exactly the promise that OMS+ delivers on.  At the high level, OMS+ provides the capability to handle challenging fulfillment scenarios such as cross-plant sourcing options, multi-tender payments, or endless aisle with ease.  In the trenches, OMS+ provides everything you need to improve order entry speed, accuracy and efficiency.  Its intuitive web-based user interface interacts directly with your SAP data providing your sales team with scenario driven workflows, advanced processing tools and powerful data aggregation.  These tools work in concert to streamline order creation and maintenance while reducing order processing time and eliminating order rework.

Tailored Workflows

Scenario Driven Workflows

Often the execution of complex order fulfillment scenarios in SAP requires a level of integration between the SD and MM modules that does not exist natively.  OMS+ effectively delivers this integration through thoughtful design with process tailored screen flows and tools. Link sales orders to purchase orders with ease when necessary to enable cross-company fulfillment or third-party direct to customer shipments.  These are only examples of the many scenarios that OMS+ enables with ease.

Advanced Processing Capabilities

Advanced Processing Tools

Once in an actual order, OMS+ provides many advanced processing capabilities at both the header and item level of an order.  Carry out mass updates with ease.  Enforce margin protection.  Manage customer credit.  If you every thought to yourself, ”I wish SAP could…”, OMS+ probably does that already.   Additionally, OMS+ delivers advanced cloning, copying, and splitting at the order level to aid with repeat and similar orders.

In addition to transaction processing, the Order Screens themselves are highly customizable and tailored to your specific order entry requirements.  A point-of-sale order entry screen will look very different from an On-Account order with multiple schedule lines.

At the field level, OMS+ provides the capability to tailor the display of both Header and Item fields.  The item fields also have the ability to be dynamically grouped into views based on functionality such as pricing, availability, or shipping.

Finally, OMS+ allows screen layouts, process flows, functions, and fields to be easily customizable and personalizable to meet the needs of your company’s sales organization.

Data Aggregation Where You Need It

OMS+ Sales Tracking

Powerful Data Aggregation

Have you ever been working in SAPGUI and received the “Maximum number of sessions reached” message?  Chances are you were working on a complicated problem that required data from multiple sources and T-codes to get try and get your answer.  This will never happen in OMS+ for two reasons:

  1. By design, OMS+ operates from a process-centric perspective as opposed to a task-based perspective. For that reason, the data you need pertaining to the task is going to already be available on the screen you need it.  You will not have to go looking for it.
  2. OMS+, with its browser based technology, does not have a session limit. You can run as many OMS+ sessions as your hardware memory will allow.

A customer favorite feature of OMS+ is its ability to provide real-time cross-plant inventory levels and availability checks for a material or group of materials simultaneously.  You just can’t do that in SAPGUI.  Why do you need this feature?  Because when you have a customer on the phone, or worse standing in front of you, that wants 10 of something that you only have 5 of in your current location; you can effortlessly look across your supply chain and find where you have another 5 and offer to ship them directly to your customer’s location.  This type of interaction increases your sales, improves your customer satisfaction, and makes your employee feel pretty happy all at the same time.

These are just a few but powerful examples of how OMS+ simplifies order fulfillment through data aggregation.

Simplified Order Management

Order Fulfillment Simplified

As its core, OMS+ exists to simplify Order Management.  Put OMS+ to work for your sales team.  Sell better with OMS+

Simplify Order Fulfillment With OMS+

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