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Simplify Your Infrastructure

Reduced Infrastructure Cost

Bad news – infrastructure is expensive.  OK, that’s not news; you knew that already.  Here’s the good news – OMS+ reduces your infrastructure costs.   OMS+ is SAP Certified and deploys in the SAP Cloud Platform.  Via the SAP Cloud Connector, OMS+ connects directly to your existing SAP S4HANA or ECC backend, and drives order management across all your sales channels.  OMS+ supports on-premise or cloud-based backend solutions.  OMS+ provides one order fulfillment platform for your entire organization, significantly reducing your infrastructure, system, and data support requirements.  Read on to see how we can make such a bold statement.

Transact Directly in SAP

No Interfaces

OMS+ runs within your existing SAP footprint.  It does not have a secondary or separate database.  All transaction processing occurs directly in SAP, in real-time.

No Integration, No Reconciliation

Integrated Point of Sale

So, whether manual or automated, if you have a separate POS system today, think of the infrastructure costs required to support the integration between your POS and your SAP backend, not to mention the additional POS back end database itself.  Stock balances, pricing, sales, product updates, and more – this all disappears with OMS+.  No more reconciliation required.

If you perform card-processing today whether in person or card-not-present transactions, OMS+, using an SAP certified provider, can integrate your card processing directly into SAP in real-time.  With OMS+ you can leverage integrated P2PE devices and take your entire SAP system out of PCI scope.

Simplified Infrastructure

Lower TCO

By maximizing the SAP investment you already have, and divesting of systems you no longer require, OMS+ can simplify your infrastructure and lower the total cost of ownership for your Order Management solution.

Sell Better


Extra hardware supporting multiple databases gets expensive.  Add in the development and on-going support that interfaces demand, and the numbers really start to escalate.  Simply your infrastructure today.  Sell better with OMS+.

Simplify Your Infrastructure With OMS+

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