Take your order management to a new level of efficiency with Intelligent Automation. Using machine learning, OMS+ia interacts with your SAP data to automatically create orders or quotes and populates them with the material and customer data in your ERP system.

With intelligent automation you can significantly decrease time to quote and time to order while simultaneously increasing accuracy across your business processes.

Intelligent Automation

IA Tools

Automate repetitive manual processes and take your sales to the next level with innovative technology leveraging SAP Data Intelligence. OMS+ia is DataXstream’s hyperautomation bundle offering intelligent business processes powered by machine learning.

With OMS+ia you can continue to push the envelope and exceed your customers’ expectations. OMS+ia empowers your business to significantly increase your RFQ and order process time, refine data quality and increase efficiency. When your sales and service representatives have accurate information and efficient processes, they can provide exceptional service, build trust, and win deals.



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Working in conjunction with the OMS+ platform, DataXstream’s new “ia” bundle offers additional automation and machine learning capabilities to eliminate tedious manual processes associated with searching material data and quote/order creation.

Offerings available with OMS+ia

• intelligent customer search – iCS

• intelligent material search – iMS

• intelligent order creation – iOC

• intelligent quote creation – iQC


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On average there exists a 60-70% mismatch between customer query and SAP data, making the matching process manual and time consuming. The OMS+ia bundle helps to resolve this mismatch, reducing error down to 5-10%.

It takes approximately 5 minutes for an experienced CSR to retrieve material data in SAP GUI vs 5 seconds using OMS+ia regardless of experience level.

OMS+ia technology increases capability and functionality by leveraging machine learning to quickly find materials, increasing order processing efficiency by 98%.


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With automation tools, Customer Service Representatives return quotes and bids 90 times faster resulting in increased business.

With more deals and increased consumer trust, Customer Service Representatives can focus on increasing wallet share.

Companies who use AI and RPA to automate repetitive business processes can scale, adapt, and implement digital transformation faster.

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