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Minimize Support and Training

Transacting in Hours

Train employees in hours not weeks.  Sounds impossible, right?  But it is true with OMS+;  OMS+ enables you to run complex SAP order scenarios in a tightly controlled environment with limited knowledge of SAP.  Read on to learn how OMS+ delivers on this promise.

Familiar and Intuitive

Easy to Learn and Use

The user interface of OMS+ runs in Chrome or any modern browser you prefer.  If you know how to buy something on Amazon, you already almost know how to sell with OMS+.  The intuitive point-and-click interface also dynamically sizes to tablet or phone and supports touch screen interaction.  It is common for new users to be proficient at basic order entry within hours, and fully functional on all user features within a few days.

In short, OMS+ is easy to learn and use because it is familiar and intuitive.  In the same way you walk through a door and instinctively reach for a well-placed light switch, OMS+ puts the information you need where you expect to find it.  And, tools to manipulate the information are streamlined and conveniently located in context with your current activity.

Workflows and Guides

Guided Processes

Though not required, OMS+ offers two methods of guided processing than can be used to reinforce training and company policy or serve as a reminder for how to execute seldom used functions.  Workflows and live instructional guides are available to users to assist them through new and specialized business process scenarios.   Workflows serve to segment order processing by activity and automatically change screen layouts to bring needed fields into view.  For example, fields such as Net Price, Discount, Tax, and Total are in view when reviewing pricing.  When the workflow advances to Review Shipping, the screen layout dynamically adjusts to bring fields like Delivery Instructions, Weights, Shipping Point, and Route front and center.  And of course, these layouts, though predefined, are customizable to you sales teams’ specific requirements.

Live instructional Guides are more granular in nature and serve to walk a user step by step through a given process. The interface automatically steps through required fields with step by step instructions of how to fill out the necessary information.

Finally, OMS+ tracks user behavior and allows you to discover where users are making common mistakes in the order entry process.  You can then use OMS+ to automate corrective messaging directly in the user interface to improve order accuracy and minimize corrective actions.

Integrated Documentation

Integrated Help

If a user has questions about how a particular feature of OMS+ works, they can easy access the integrated documentation to learn more.  In the documentation they will find everything from how to login and navigate OMS+ to detailed process documentation with accompanying screen shots.  Step-by-step instructions further document how to use specific features within OMS+.  For advanced users, you will also find information on how to further adapt OMS+ to specific use cases.

At DataXstream, we understand that even the best product documentation can fall short when a given customer’s process requires enhancement or further clarification.  For that reason,  as an added feature, the standard default OMS+ documentation can be supplemented with custom specific instructions.

Simplified Order Management

Support and Training Minimized

OMS+ really does flatten the curve for SAP Training.  Schedule a demo today or visit the SAP AppCenter to download a free trial and see how easy Order Management can be.  Sell better with OMS+.

Minimize Support and Training With OMS+

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