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OMS+ is more than just a pretty face.  OMS+ delivers a superior experience by improving the way you interact with your customers, systems, and data.  Through its intuitive process design, analytics, and powerful data presentation, OMS+ provides an engaging platform that enables your front line and back-office sales associates the tools they need to both wow customers and grow your business.

Dynamic End-to-End Workflow

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Intuitive Process Design

In SAPGUI, activities are segregated into bite-sized chunks that you execute via transactions (T-codes) – VA01 to create an order and VL01N to create a delivery for example.  OMS+ takes a process centric approach that ultimately delivers the type of performance you see in the chart below.

OMS+ employs screen layouts and data entry methods that naturally flow with the task at hand resulting in intuitive system interaction.  At DataXstream, we recognize that sales processes vary based on type.  For example, the steps required to complete an On-Account order that will be shipped to a customer site are quite different than the steps required for a Credit Card Sale where the customer is walking out the door with product in hand.  That is why OMS+ is built with dynamic, scenario-based screen flows that model specific end-to-end processes.

OMS+ also comes standard with process guided workflows that walk a user through specific processes where required.  The feature works great for ensuring process discipline, as well as, providing reinforcement for new employees.

Finally, all sales processing in OMS+ can be easily personalized to align features with job function or role.  For example, the ability to delete an item from an order, or provide a price override might only be visible to a manager.

Your SAP Data, In Real Time

Real Time Analytics

Because OMS+ runs directly in your SAP ERP system, your sales team always has the most current information available at their fingertips. Whether performing dashboard level reporting, or inline transaction processing, with OMS+ you always operate with current information.  This ensures that you can always provide your customer the most accurate order status information, pricing and product availability.  Regardless of perspective – top-down sales, customer-centric, or product based, OMS+ comes standard with Key Metrics built into widgets that you can customize per your individual preferences and scenario requirements.

Data Aggregation Where You Need It

OMS+ Customer History

Powerful Data Presentation

OMS+ allows your sales team to engage with your customers in ways that simply are not possible with SAPGUI T-Code based methods of data presentation and customer interaction. Let me describe how an over-the-phone customer interaction can flow with OMS+.

  • Your existing customer calls up and OMS+ phone integration recognizes the number and automatically pulls up your customer’s home page.
  • This page contains everything you would ever want to know about this customer in one place- Master Data, Recent Interactions, Key Account Metrics, Open and Historical Order information (all filterable and actionable), Open Deliveries, Credit Summary, Invoices, and more…
  • With standard SAPGUI, it is impossible to simultaneously have this level of insight into a customer. This delivers amazing benefits for your Customer Experience.  For starters, you don’t have to repeatedly put your customer on hold while you look up information.
  • You can concentrate on what your customer is communicating and better respond to their request. Your customer will noticeably recognize the degree of attention and personalization that you are able to provide them with OMS+.
  • You discover that your customer is really happy with the order they placed last month and wants to order more.
  • With OMS+ you now have that original order cloned, on screen, and ready to tailor the new order to exactly what the customer wants.

Sell Better

Superior Experience Delivered

Put your customer relationship first with OMS+.  OMS+ delivers an unmatched experience for both you and your customer.  OMS+ provides the information you need to sell and allows you to focus on the customer’s needs not your order fulfillment processes.  Sell better with OMS+.

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