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DataXstream’s OMS+ is the solution for all the different ways you interact with your customer – before, during, and after the sale.  OMS+ is the most advanced order management platform on the market today. Leveraging the backend power of SAP S/4HANA or ECC, OMS+ provides a consistent streamlined view of the customer and order processing across your organization.  Regardless of where your customer is on their buyer’s journey or what platform you are using to engage them, OMS+ delivers a single, real time view of your order management landscape.

Counter Sales Made Easy


For your in store sales, OMS+ uniquely provides integrated point-of-sale capability directly within SAP.  Process credit, debit, or multi-tender transactions with ease.  Also, with SAP Hybris or other eCommerce solution connected to your SAP backend, OMS+ allows you to seamlessly process “order online – deliver in store” scenarios.

For high-touch retail settings, OMS+ POS also provides order history, customer preferences, interactions and suggested selling.  In stock out situations, you can also assist a customer with locating merchandise available at a different location and arrange ship-to-store or ship-to-home delivery.

Streamlined Call Center Sales

OMS+ Customer History

Call Center

Completely transform your call center operations.  Both your customers and employees will experience a noticeable difference with OMS+ driving your Order Management.  OMS+ allows your sales team to engage with your customers in ways that simply are not possible with SAPGUI T-Code based methods of data presentation and customer interaction. Imagine the following over-the-phone customer interaction with OMS+.

  • Your existing customer calls up and OMS+ phone integration recognizes the number and automatically pulls up your customer’s home page.
  • This page contains everything you would ever want to know about this customer in one place- Master Data, Recent Interactions, Key Account Metrics, Open and Historical Order information (all filterable and actionable), Open Deliveries, Credit Summary, Invoices, and more…
  • With standard SAPGUI, it is impossible to simultaneously have this level of insight into a customer. This delivers amazing benefits for your Customer Experience.  For starters, you don’t have to repeatedly put your customer on hold while you look up information.
  • You can concentrate on what your customer is communicating and better respond to their request. Your customer will noticeably recognize the degree of attention and personalization that you are able to provide them with OMS+.
  • You discover that your customer is really happy with the order they placed last month and wants to order more.
  • With OMS+ you now have that original order cloned, on screen, and ready to tailor the new order to exactly what the customer wants.

This is just one example. Conversations concerning product search, customer inquiries into pricing or delivery times, availability checks across the supply chain, or accepting payment for on account orders are handled with ease in OMS+.

Mobile Sales Anywhere


OMS+ is tablet-ready and allows your outside sales team to take your order management into the field with you.  Gone are the days of yellow pads and sticky notes.  You can take your office to your customer and easily transact in real-time with OMS+.  If you know you are headed into an area where the internet is sketchy, OMS+ can also transact in offline mode.  Simply download the information of your targeted customers to your tablet in advance.  OMS+ will allow you to enter your sales orders as normal.  Once you reacquire internet access, the orders on your tablet will automatically sync-up with your SAP backend system.

Sell Better


Meet your customer where they are when they need you.  With OMS+ as the driving force behind your Order Management, whether in the store, back office, or in the field; before, during, or after the sale – OMS+ provides a true Omni-Channel Platform to help you win the marketplace.  Sell Better with OMS+.

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