Cross-channel Order Management

So, What is OMS+?

By optimizing and unifying the sales process, OMS+ helps SAP users sell better.

  • Streamline their SAP interface while reducing custom code.
  • Enhance sales processes across all customer service channels.
  • Combine an out-of-the-box structure with the ability to implement custom configuration.

OMS+ is a cloud-enabled SAP platform that extends SAP to streamline the order management process, making OMS+ the best product for any business looking to upgrade their sales processes.

Let’s Elaborate

In order to enhance SAP most effectively, OMS+ was created with three key features:

  • Real-time data access across all channels.
  • Automation of SAP processes.
  • Simplified user interface.

In order to enhance SAP most effectively, OMS+ was created with three key features: real-time data access across all channels, automation of simple but important SAP processes, and a simplified user interface.

The OMS+ Difference

Typical ERP

Single Line Order With Cash Tender

Key Strokes
Time (Sec)


Single Line Order With Cash Tender

Key Strokes
Time (Sec)

OMS+ brings all-important access points for sales processes into one interface, significantly cutting back on the time needed to process orders. In our tests, a simple, single line order goes from 40 clicks, 50 keystrokes, and 10 screens, with a total time of 140 seconds, to 5 clicks, 5 keystrokes, and 4 screens, with a total time of 15 seconds. One of our customers saw their quote turnaround time go from 12 hours to 20 minutes.

Customer reported ROI for OMS+

30 - Circle Progress

First, with its real-time data capabilities, OMS+ makes inventory accuracy a breeze. Operating within both SAP and the cloud, OMS+ users have access to new order and inventory information from the moment it is entered into the system, allowing users to transact in real-time and ensuring that orders can be created and completed with 30% more speed and accuracy.

50 - Circle Progress

Second, by automating time-consuming, manual SAP processes, OMS+ reduces manual tasks by 50%, allowing users to spend their time communicating with customers and securing more sales opportunities.

90 - Circle Progress

Additionally, the intuitive and easy-to-use nature of the interface makes it much easier to learn than the typical SAP interface. This reduces takes the time needed to train new employee training time from several weeks to a few days, and DataXstream customers have seen anywhere from a 30% to 90% reduction in training time.

The Results

Allow your businesses to thrive with OMS+.

  • Improve sales productivity
  • Increase order accuracy
  • Better customer satisfaction
  • Reduce code customization and turnaround time

Through OMS+, businesses improve sales productivity, order accuracy, and customer satisfaction, while reducing code customization and turnaround time. This ultimately boosts customer retention and sales, allowing businesses to thrive in their respective industry environments.

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