DataXstream customers can use the technical support site to:

  • Log new support tickets
  • Check the status of existing tickets
  • Download software updates and patches
  • Search our list of support FAQS

Customer Support

Click here to log on to the system to create a new ticket or check the status of an existing ticket.

If you do not have access to, or have not received your Support Site access credentials, please contact us for assistance.

Guidelines for Use of the Technical Support Site

The DataXstream Technical Support site can only be accessed by registered users.

DataXstream customers with active project engagements and / or under a maintenance agreement are our highest priority. Tickets for these customers will be processed first.

Tickets from other users will be processed in the order received. DataXstream cannot promise or commit to fully addressing any questions or issued raised in these tickets. If you would like to conduct an in-depth discussion with our technical resources contact our sales team by contacting us.

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