Jan 19

21 Things to Remember for Your Next SAP Upgrade

Is it time for your company to consider an SAP Upgrade?

The choice to upgrade your company’s SAP platform is a very important business decision.  Many criteria need to be considered when determining if an SAP upgrade is the right move and, if so, what type of upgrade needs to take place (ECC 6.0, Enhancement Packs, etc.).  A successful SAP upgrade requires the determination of your upgrade requirements, proper planning, and an assessment of technical and functional risk.  Below is a sample of our SAP Upgrade Checklist white paper:

Determine Your Upgrade Requirements

  1. What are the business reasons for upgrading? Support from the business for an upgrade project is most important.  If there are no business reasons for upgrading, then you should probably not do it.  Included here are the business risks incurred by not upgrading.
  2. What are the technical reasons for upgrading? Included here are the technical risks incurred by not upgrading.  (Posture increasing maintenance fees for old versions or complete support withdrawal as a business risk – not a technical risk.)

For the complete list, download the full white paper:

SAP Upgrade Checklist

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