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  • The XstreamConnector is a semi-custom adapter that bridges the gap between writing technical interface programs with SAP and using an adapter built into a 3rd party application.  Starting with the Xstream connector codebase, a software company simply leverages DataXstream’s experience in SAP integration; our teams do the necessary SAP-centric configuration and coding that is specifically required for your application.
  • After the coding is completed,  a company can choose to certify their software with SAP.  When using the DataXstream Certification Service, 3rd party software is guaranteed to pass certification.


  • Certified SAP integration solution
  • Developed using SAP recommended best practices and integration techniques
  • Software is packaged leveraging SAP’s Add-on Assembly Kit
  • Content is implemented, versioned and maintained within the SAP application, using the standard SAINT transaction, just like SAP delivered software
  • Designed and architected to allow maximum implementation flexibility. This allows each deployment to adapt to a customer-specific integration infrastructure.
  • Leverages SAP standard integration techniques. It is implemented, scaled, and tuned just like any standard SAP delivered interface
  • Supports all versions of SAP ECC and S/4

Small Business

  • Single Productive Instance
  • Up to 3 Support Instances
  • 100 GB of Storage
  • 1 TB of Bandwidth
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  • Single Productive Instance
  • Up to 5 Support Instances
  • 250 GB of Storage
  • 5 TB of Bandwidth
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Large Enterprise

  • Up to 3 Productive Instance
  • Up to 7 Support Instances
  • 750 GB of Storage
  • 15 TB of Bandwidth
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The Xstream Connector is a clean and concise integral interface between our Greenlee SAP Production System and our Production Cforia MC2 instance. Its existence in our environment is seamless to the end-users and virtually invisible and maintenance free to the Basis Team. The Team from DataXstream has done an excellent job with the development of the Xstream Connector. The Team in general is excellent to work with and they are always there for you before, during and after the implementation. You are definitely a part of the DataXstream Team throughout the entire implementation process.

There is one phrase that comes to mind as a result of working with the DataXstream Team and the Xstream Connector: Flawless Execution. It has been a very pleasant experience working with them and I look forward to working with them on future projects.

Joyce BainTextron
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