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Cforia Webinar July 23, 2009 – Improve SAP Accounts Receivable Visibility

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Learn how to increase visibility of your company’s accounts receivables.

Most SAP implementations do not provide good visibility into one of the most important assets that your company has, namely your accounts receivables portfolio.

Join Cforia on Thursday July 23, as Cforia Software shares a business improvement process that will help your company improve its receivables visibility.  This will allow your company to implement improved Accounts Receivables workflow.

Attend this webinar to learn the benefits of, and guidelines for maximizing visibility into your AR portfolio:

  • Know exactly how many calls, letters and the AR metrics contribution of every Collector in your organization.
  • Creation of an audit trail that tracks customers calls, correspondence and outcomes.
  • Track credit approvals, and chargeback authorizations.
  • Use root-cause analysis to troubleshoot chargebacks.
  • Streamline end of month Cash Forecasting so that it is completed in minutes, without manual spreadsheets.
  • Have excellent visibility into how your Business Process Outsourcer (BPO) is handling your account.

A practical demonstration will show how Automation Tools can help your receivables department reach increased levels of visibility.

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