Apr 26

Shane Co. Leverages DataXstream OMS+ Architecture Team to Build and Deploy Custom Point of Sale Solution


Company:  Shane Co.        Headquarters:  Geenwood Village, CO        Industry:  Specialty Retail        Products & Services:  Jewelry

Employees:  1,000             Website:  www.shaneco.com                          Solution:  Custom POS with OMS+ Components



  • ŸA wholly custom point of sale system, built from the ground up, using SAP CRM and ECC systems for the back end and SAP Web Services and RFC for communication from the C#-based web front-end
  • ŸA comprehensive assessment of current in-house development activities, including potential pitfalls and missed items
  • ŸA road map for completion of the project including aggressive timelines and extensive documentation


  • ŸConducted a collaborative review of requirements and a thorough assessment of existing development in place
  • ŸCorrected existing architectural flaws
  • ŸAddressed developer attrition issues by providing additional capacity via DataXstream consultants


  • Stronger integration between CRM and ECC systems to manage complex order processes
  • ŸFinely tuned and customized interface that simplifies complex business processes for the associates
  • ŸFlexible tendering for payments, refunds and returns


  • 100% Improvement in legacy data importing
  • 800% Increase in efficiency due to re-architected sale history
  • 10% Overall time reduction in reconciling daily store operationsŸ

“We decided to nominate DataXstream’s Consultant, Sean Cloherty, for “Re-Developer of the Year” due in large part to his ability to review complex processes and provide elegant and speedy replacements”  -Courtney Harper, Director of Development and Systems Integration

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