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SAP Cross-Sell, OMS+

SAP Cross-Sell Uplift, an OMS+ Simple Order Management for SAP feature

OMS+ taking SAP Cross-Sell to the next level

I am continuing my series of blog posts on DataXstream’s OMS+ product, today we will be looking at SAP cross-sell.  This topic is inspired by a question asked by a future OMS+ customer.  He was interested in learning about DataXstream’s cross sell functionality.  Does it leverage standard SAP cross-sell functionality?  The answer is Yes.  We clip in directly to SAP’s standard cross-sell engine.

SAP Cross-Sell, OMS+

In the screen capture above I added a table to my order and standard SAP cross-sell recommended that I also consider; end chairs, side chairs, and a matching China cabinet.  Our demonstration system is configured to leverage SAP standard cross sell on the main page.  That however is just scratching the surface of what we can do.  We have an advanced cross-sell view and configuration that allows you to make recommendations based on custom SAP cross-sell algorithms.  There are several ways we can implement custom cross-sell functionality.  We can leverage OMS+’s position functionality to get answers about the specific customers buying patterns, or look at other customers that purchased similar items.  We also have the ability to call external systems and leverage their specific suggestions within our cross-sell engine.  All of this standard OMS+ and custom functionality can be accomplished using standard SAP ECC.  However for customers with significant sale order volume it is recommended that you consider upgrading your system to SAP S/4HANA to really unleash the true potential of cross sell across large transaction volumes.

Here is a screen capture of our advanced cross-sell view.  This is from a demo system so the actual items in the view might not look like they go together, but trust me we sell a lot of iPhones and furniture on the same orders in our demo system.  They are our go to items in demos.

SAP Cross-Sell

The top of the view which is cut off is showing a call to an external cross-sell database maintained by an external E-commerce platform.  It is providing us information about what the customer shopped for in our online store.

OMS+ has a lot of options when it comes to cross-sell.  We can leverage standard SAP functionality, OMS+ delivered functionality, call external systems for cross-sell answers, and we can implement custom cross-sell algorithms.

OMS+ lets you focus on your customers needs and simplifies interactions with your customer.  OMS+ cross-sell functionality helps you sell more and improve your customer service levels.

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