Oct 25

Featurette Three: Sticky Functionality

In this demo, we will utilize sticky functionality within OMS+ while working with a customer.  These “sticky” features empower users with increased agility, allowing them to very quickly add customers, orders, and materials, right to the top of their drop-down menus in the navigation pane. Prior to the call with the customer, the user received an email from the customer letting them know they were going to call.  In preparation for the call, the user opened the customer page and made the customer sticky in their navigation pane, enabling him to quickly access an overview of the customer, as well as the ability to launch a standard order directly from the customer page.  During the order, the customer gets an important call and kindly asks if he can call back.  The user quickly saves the order and makes it sticky in the navigation pane, allowing him to reopen the order within seconds of seeing the callback.  When the customer is ready to finish the order, the user is able to quickly see a promotional item, also made sticky in the navigation pane, and is able to drag the sticky item straight from the navigation pane directly into the order.

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