Feb 12

The SAP integration Solution You Should Know About.

Several years ago, DataXstream was posed with a unique problem from one of our marquee customers. 

The customer, who currently runs SAP, was running into issues with Cforia. Their Sales and Distribution data was sitting in PeopleSoft and unfortunately, they don’t play nicely together. Cforia allows for the optimization of accounting processes, finance, and outcomes through visibility and automation. 

THEIR PROBLEM: How can I get my SD data out of PeopleSoft and into SAP? What method would allow Cforia to access the data so we can take action against these insights and make the most of our investment? 

A not-so simple problem that required locking our smartest guys in a room and waiting for something great to come from them banging their heads against the wall. The result: our product,Xstream Connector. 

By utilizing the integration and knowledge of what we accomplished in ourOMS+ product, we were able to intelligently design a solution to seamlessly connect to SAP on the backend, send IDOCs out of SAP in a JSON formatted payload, store that data in our node connector, then map appropriately to any downstream target (As long as they support a RESTful API).Contact us to learn more. 

 Since then, we have formally certified DataXstream’s Xstream Connector and Cforia’s connector integration, producing a standard, fully supported, and repeatable mechanism to transfer data from SAP to Cforia’s application. 

Another major avenue for our Xstream Connector is allowing solution providers to use this bridge to allow their solution to work with SAP.  Let’s say you have a time reporting tool that you want to market on the SAP App Center, it’s a great solution but you need to access SAP HR and HCM and you don’t know where to start. By utilizing our knowledge of SAP, how it works, and how it integrates, we can do the SAP-centric configuration and coding to provide a near real-time sync of your solution to SAP. 

It doesn’t stop there! 

After the coding is completed, companies can choose to certify their software with SAP. When using the DataXstream Certification Service, 3rd party software is guaranteed to pass certification. 

Whether you need to get data out of SAP, or in; If you are creating a product or marketing your product on SAP’s App Center… Integration to SAP is what we do. Let us know how we can help. 


About The Author

Throughout my career, I have had the ability to work with amazing people and technology in a variety of roles. As a Senior Account Executive with DataXstream I bring a highly successful seven year track record in selling software, hardware and professional services to C-level executives. Working with Dataxstream allows me the unique ability to solve problems that face so many organizations using SAP, as it relates to order entry and the overall buying experience. Our goal in working with our clients is to remove the complexity that hinders their customers and partners from transacting and redefine the processes that inhibit their internal users form leveraging the power of technology. DataXstream's OMS+ solution aggregates, visualizes, and automates the flow of information in an easy to use interface, creating a customer experience your competitors will envy.

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