# Sell Better

Enable Successful Selling in Your Wholesale Distribution Business

Choose to focus on Unified Commerce over E-Commerce with tools designed specifically for wholesale and distribution.

Aim to become an extension of your customer.

OMS+ by DataXstream enables complex selling processes in a comprehensive purpose built user interface that is simple to use, fast to implement, and is easy to maintain.


OMS+ allows you to implement consistent selling processes for you sales associates and customers across all your customer assisted sales channels; counter, call centers, and mobile.

Time to Value

Redefine your sales experience across all your channels in months not years.  Modernize your sales processes and drive results with customer centric selling tools for  distributors.


Seize todays opportunities and adapt to future ones with a platform that will scale and adapt with your business and your customers.

A solution built for the unique requirements of distributors.

  • Customer Specific Pricing
  • Advance Material Search Capabilities
  • Configurable Materials
  • BOMs and Kits
  • Comprehensive Inventory Availability
  • Material Creation On The Fly
  • External Catalog Integration
  • Cross Selling
  • Integrated Procurement Capabilities
  • Advanced Quoting and Bidding
  • Master Contract and Subcontract Management
  • Service Management
  • Mass Change Capability
  • Advanced Returns Management
  • Order Splitting
  • Advanced Payment Features
  • Hardware Integration

How Wholesalers Can Greatly Simplify Order Management ASUG 2018 Tim Yates originally delivered this presentation at an ASUG event in 2018 blurred lines between wholesale and retail, ASUG presentation for wholesale and distribution ASUG 2018 Wholesale and Distribution, competition vs walmart and amazon competitive landscape for wholesale and distribution E-commerce is the wrong place for wholesale to focus Industrial and Commercial Electric Supply Wholesale has a new role as an extension of the customer's organization wholesalers should focus on customer engagement and service tools best customer service tool on the market today SAP Cloud Platform solves many issues SAP Cloud Platform Applications Change Everything OMS+ is an SAP certified SAP Cloud Platform Application OMS+ capabilities, features Request a Demo Wholesale needs to build brand loyalty, differentiate themselves, OMS+ is the tool you need

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Wholesalers who move towards Unified Commerce, incorporating elements of retail, counter sales, call center sales, and mobile sales in addition to traditional distribution centers see measurable ROI. Learn more about Unified Commerce with SAP and OMS+