OMS+ is an SAP Order Management System and Point of Sale.

Dataxstream is transforming the way companies handle SAP order management.  Your company is already running the most powerful ERP solution; empower your employees with DataXstream’s OMS+ to take your organization’s sale and customer buying experience to new levels.

Typical ERP

Single Line Order With Cash Tender

Key Strokes
Time (Sec)


Single Line Order With Cash Tender

Key Strokes
Time (Sec)

OMS+ Sits Inside SAP and Transacts in Real-Time Using Your Live SAP Digital Core

Improved Customer Experience

Put your customer relationship first with OMS+. Interact using the most accurate customer, order, and product availability information live from your SAP Digital Core.  OMS+ provides the information you need to sell and allows you to focus on the customer’s needs not your order fulfillment processes.

Simplify Order Fulfillment

OMS+ improves order accuracy and efficiency with our intuitive web based user interface that interacts directly with your SAP data.  Streamline order creation and maintenance with our configurable user controls to minimize sale associate mistakes. Reduce order processing time and eliminate order rework.

Minimize Support and Training

OMS+ enables you to run complex SAP order scenarios in a tightly controlled environment with limited knowledge of SAP.  Live instructional guides are available to users to assist them through new and specialized business process scenarios.  OMS+ tracks user behavior and allows you to automate corrective messaging directly in the user interface.

OMS+ Retail

Configurable Products
SAP Configurable Materials

OMS+ Wholesale

Advanced Customer ManagementCustomer Management in Order

OMS+ Public Sector

Public Sector 360 View of Customer360 Customer View



Public Sector

One Solution For All Your Organization’s Sales Needs

True Omni-Channel Platform

DataXstream OMS+ is the most advanced order management platform on the market today. Leveraging the backend power of SAP S/4HANA, OMS+ provides a simple single streamlined view of the customer and order processing across your organization.

Simplify Your Infrastructure

OMS+ gives you one order fulfillment platform for your entire organization.   Leveraging SAP HANA Cloud Platform you can enable all your sales channels with one user interface technology. OMS+ significantly reduces your infrastructure, system, and data support requirements.

Business Process Agility

OMS+ gives organizations unprecedented business process flexibility.  Leveraging SAP S/4HANA and OMS+ across all channels means processes and functionality is available to all channels at the same time.  OMS+ leverages SAP’s enhancement framework making it easy for your organization to implement custom requirements.

OMS+ Store

Order EntryOMS+ Order Entry

OMS+ Call Center

Call Center DashboardCall Center Dashboard

OMS+ Mobile

SAP Mobile Sales ViewMobile Sales View



Call Center



Why Should Your Order Processing Be Limited?

Eliminate Data Synchronization

Why use a disconnected and disjointed order creation system that requires complicated integration and doesn’t transact using live SAP data?  No integration required.  OMS+ transacts directly in SAP.

Jump Start Your Business

OMS+ is delivered with pre-configured basic and complex end to end order processes.  Allowing your business to quickly adopt OMS+, and immediately increase the value of their SAP investment.

Leverage What You Have

Leveraging the OMS+ proprietary interpreter tool, your business can quickly overlay your existing SAP SD order processes and map them directly into OMS+ user interface.

OMS+ Analytics

Field Sales View
OMS+ Analytics

OMS+ Tendering

Payment View
OMS+ Payment View

OMS+ Management

Terminal ManagementOMS+ Terminal Management


Order Fulfillment



OMS+ Management

Is Your Business Looking For An Order Management Solution That Works Seamlessly With Your SAP Investment?

OMS+ Is The Answer